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Terms of Service


The purpose of these Terms of Service ("Terms") is to determine the terms and conditions under which the user ("the User") accesses and uses the content of the website ("the Site"). 


JPB Système provides this information for information purposes only and makes every effort to check the accuracy of the information and to keep its sites up to date. However, no guarantee is given as to the accuracy, precision, updating or completeness of the information made available on the Site.

Consequently and with the exception of gross negligence or intentional misconduct, JPB Système declines all responsibility for any damage resulting in particular from imprecision or inaccuracy of the information available on our Website or for any harm resulting from fraudulent intrusion by a third party on our Website with the intention of damaging the interests or image of the company, in particular by distorting the information listed on the Website.

JPB Système shall not be held liable for any damage or virus that may damage or render unusable your computer equipment following a visit to our Site, despite the security measures implemented. 


It is the User's responsibility to ensure that his computer equipment (such as PC, tablet, cell phone, associated software) and the Internet connection he uses are appropriate to allow optimal use of the Site in complete safety. 


Toutes les images, marques, logos, noms de domaine et information sous forme de texte ou d’image présents sur le Site sont la propriété de JPB Système ou font l’objet d’une autorisation d’utilisation qui est décrite dans la page Crédits Photo. Toute utilisation par reproduction, modification, téléchargement, transmission ou autre procédé existant présent ou futur est soumise à autorisation écrite préalable (courrier, mail, fax). Seules les copies à usage privé et non-commercial sont autorisées sous réserve des droits de propriété intellectuelle dont il est fait mention. La reprise d’articles ou de reportages présents dans un de nos sites est également soumise à autorisation et devra porter une mention « ©JPB Système » ou selon les droits cités dans la source. Tout contrevenant s’expose à des poursuites judiciaires.


The terms and conditions for processing personal data communicated by the User via the Site, and in particular via the Personal Account, are set out in the Privacy and Cookies Policy accessible via the following link: Privacy Policy.


From the Site, the User is informed that they may access third party sites ("Interface Sites"). These Interface Sites are displayed on the Site via a programming interface or other method. 

The Company accepts no responsibility for the User's access to and/or use of the Interface Sites and/or their contents ("the Linked Content(s)"), and for any direct or indirect damage that may result. 

The Company reserves the right to delete all or part of the Linked Content on the Site for any reason whatsoever.

Company does not edit, host or store any Linked Content, including content that User has submitted to the Interface Site. 

In order to use certain features of the Site, the User may be required to create an account with one or more Interface Sites by means of an identifier and a password.  To the extent that these sites are not affiliated with the Company, the Company disclaims any responsibility or liability for any such login, password or other information collected by the Interface Sites.  If, for any reason, User is unable to create an account on these Interface Sites, it is likely that not all features of the Site will be available.

The terms and conditions of use of the Linked Content are defined by the Interface Site. The User is invited to refer to them.


The Site provides interactive services, including, but not limited to, discussion groups and forums, bulletin boards, chat rooms, blogs and other social networking features (the "Public Forums") that allow:

to publish, post or publicly submit information, including, but not limited to, text, images, illustrations and audio & video recordings (the "Publications");

to provide the Company with information not solicited by Company, such as ideas, creative concepts, partnership proposals, in any format (including, but not limited to, written materials, images, illustrations and audio and video recordings) ("Suggestions");

place Orders via a personal account (the "Personal Account").

7.1. Personal Account

The Personal Account allows the User to access private content on our knowledge base.

The Personal Account gives the User access to a knowledge base on the Site, by means of an user ID and a password provided to the User. All information concerning this Personal Account must be accurate. The User is responsible for maintaining the strict confidentiality of his or her Personal Account user ID and password, and is responsible for all transactions made through the Personal Account.

The User agrees to immediately inform the Company of any unauthorized use of the Personal Account, password, and/or login, and in general of any breach of security of which he/she is aware affecting his/her Personal Account and/or the Site. 

At any time, the User may ask the Company to delete his/her personal Account by sending a request by e-mail to the following address:

The Company excludes any liability related to the use of the login, the password, and/or the Personal Account.


7.2. Publications

As the publisher of the Site, the Company may exercise editorial control over the content of the Publications appearing on the Public Forums, and as such reserves the right at any time to delete, at its sole discretion, all or part of the Publications. User agrees to the removal of any or all of its Publications by the Company, and waives any claim to the moral rights of the author.

The views expressed in the Public Forums do not necessarily reflect those of the Company and/or its employees (such as employees, officers). Company and its employees are not responsible for any statements, suggestions, opinions or other content or materials posted in the Public Forums. 

User grants the Company a non-exclusive, transferable license to the content of the Publications to use, copy, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute, perform and/or display such Publications, in whole or in part, create derivative works from the Publications, and/or incorporate them into other works in any media, form or technology now known or later developed for editorial, commercial, non-commercial, promotional and other purposes.

Use of these interactive services, including the posting of Publications, is at the User's sole risk and expense. 

In particular, User's attention is drawn to the fact that all Publications are visible to all other Users with access to the Site, and are therefore non-confidential, including any personal data (such as name, surname, home address, user ID, e-mail address, telephone number) posted by User on or through the Public Forums. The User is aware that such personal data published on or through the Public Forums may be collected and used by others, resulting in unsolicited messages or other forms of contact, or other damage.

Therefore, it is strongly discouraged to post personal data on or through the Public Forums. 

In any case, the Company declines all responsibility for damages, direct or indirect, caused to the User as a result of the Publications and information of any kind that the User publishes on or via the Public Forums.


7.3 Suggestions

The User is informed that the Suggestions he freely and spontaneously submits to the Company through the Site will not be considered confidential. Therefore, they may be communicated to any person, member of the Company's staff or third party, with whom the Company is in contact. 

User grants the Company a non-exclusive, transferable license to use, copy, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute, perform and/or display such Suggestions, in whole or in part, create derivative works from the Suggestions, and/or incorporate the Suggestions into other works in any media, form or technology now known or later developed for editorial, commercial, non-commercial, promotional and other purposes. 


The Company excludes all warranties relating to the merchantability of the Site, its suitability for a particular purpose, its accessibility, its availability, its ergonomics, its performance and its content. In particular, the Company does not warrant that the Site is free of errors, viruses or other bugs, nor that the content of the Site is accurate and up-to-date.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company takes reasonable steps to ensure the security of the Site, the User acknowledges that the Internet is not a totally secure medium, and therefore the Company cannot guarantee that the information or content published or communicated via the Site, including Publications and Suggestions, is adequately protected against unauthorized use or access.


The Company may monitor the use of the Site by the User, and reserves the right to suspend access to the Site by the User who misuses it.

In this respect, the following in particular constitute misuse of the Site:

- use the Site in violation of applicable laws and/or regulations;

- use the Site in violation of these TOS;

- use the Site for purposes that are malicious, illegal or contrary to public policy; 

- cause nuisance by using the Site or compromise or deteriorate its operation;

- use the Site to create, host or transmit (on the Public Forums or elsewhere) content that is defamatory or contrary to public order or morality

- use the Site to harm or attempt to harm minors in any way;

- use the Site to create, host or transmit content that is defamatory, threatening or inciting to physical violence or destruction of property, or that would constitute a criminal offence and/or engage the civil liability of the User;

- use the Site to create, host or transmit content that infringes the copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial secrets, confidentiality, the right to protection of personality, intellectual property or any other right of the Company or a third party;

- use the Site to create, host or transmit unsolicited advertising content;

- use the Site to create, host or transmit content that infringes on other content;

- use the Site to post false, misleading, deceptive or fraudulent offers to sell or buy products or services, or to send chain letters, pyramid schemes or any similar schemes;

- add, delete or modify copyright management information in order to deceive or mislead others

- use the Site to access, or attempt to access, the accounts of others, or to infiltrate, or attempt to infiltrate, the Company's or third parties' security measures, computer software, computers, electronic communication or telecommunications systems;

- use the Site to collect, or attempt to collect, personal information about others without their knowledge or consent, or engage in screen scraping, database scraping or any other activity designed to obtain user lists or other information;

- use the Site for any activity that would interfere with the ability of other persons or systems to use the services offered by the Site, or the networks in general, including, but not limited to, spamming and hacking;

- use the Site to infringe the intellectual property rights of the Company or third parties

- use the Site to disclose personal data to the public outside of any lawful basis for processing;


In case of malfunctioning of the Site, especially regarding his personal Account, the User is invited to contact the Company's customer service at the following address:


The present TOS are subject to French law.


In the event of a dispute arising between the Company and the User relating to these T&Cs and/or resulting from access to, operation of, or use of the Site which could not be resolved amicably, the French courts shall have sole jurisdiction to hear the dispute.