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We are very proud to provide our customers with a complete in-house customer experience.


At JPB Système, we are fully committed to our customers. Our team manages the entire life cycle of our products, from conception to a fully functional part in your environment. With an efficient workplace and collaborative teamwork, our focus is permanently set on the product benefits.

We continuously develop fully digitalized processes, ensuring an impressive workflow efficiency throughout every stage of development.


Our Research and Development department is equipped with top-notch tools to design products tailored to our customer's requirements. With a state-of-the-art engineering lab and a team of highly qualified experts, we are recognized as leaders in self-locking solutions worldwide.

JPB Système actively participates in major aeronautic open innovation events, solidifying our reputation as experts with global recognition for our expertise and responsiveness.


At JPB Système, we understand that not only addressing customers' needs is important, but being prompt is fundamental. To ensure responsiveness, we allocate dedicated machines and personnel for prototype manufacturing. To maintain our commitment to high-quality standards, our test lab is equipped to fully qualify our products in-house.


Our innovative production lines are equipped with robots and automated inspection equipment working seamlessly in a closed loop, utilizing AI and custom software with a lot of daily datas. We have even the capability to pilot our manufacturing lines directly from our smartphones!


Our innovative products are designed based on quality principles such as Six Sigma and Design of Experiments (DOE). Our dedication to manufacturing excellence enables us to deliver top-quality products to our customers, ensuring full traceability and compliance with the highest standards.


We have consistently achieved a consolidated on-time delivery rate of 98% over the past decade. Utilizing our MRP2 software, we can monitor manufacturing processes in real-time, enabling us to adapt swiftly to customer requests.